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June Special: 20% off Maintenance Products!

Ride & Events Calendar


Party with Us on July 7th!

There'll be drinks, there'll be cool peeps, and hopefully you'll be there too! In addition to good times, we'll also have a swap meet and community market going for most of the afternoon. More information on the party will be released soon! In the meantime, if you're interested in participating in the swap meet and vendor market, visit the link below!

Houston's Hike, Bike, and Safer Street
 Infrastructure Suffers another Blow

It's been a disappointing and disheartening year so far as our Mayor, John Whitmire, continues to prove that he has no interest in improving our roadways and making Houston safer for cyclists and pedestrians. He has undone great work like the Houston Avenue improvements, is currently threatening projects like 11th Street and the Shephard and Durham redesign, has moved forward to sell an important parcel of the White Oak Bayou to TxDoT for the I-45 Expansion, a major connector for those traveling North/South from the Heights to Downtown. For now, we must continue to pressure our elected officials and let them know what matters most isn't more lanes on our streets and highways, but the safety of the most vulnerable that use them.

New Month, New Special!
June is 20% off Cleaners and Lubes!

Gift Card Bonus
Get an additional $10 for every $50 spent!

Two of Surly's Newer Bikes, the Skid Loader and Preamble, on SALE for a Limited Time!

Skidloader: $4,299

Thats $500 off an amazing eBike that can very easily replace your car for many activities.

Preamble Drop Bar: $999 

Regularly priced at $1,199! A great bike for someone looking to try drop bars for the first time, or to round out your fleet with an awesome steel frame bike that can do nearly everything you need.


Salsa Cycles is having a sale to encourage riders to get out there and celebrate their own New Bike Day! Check out the following bikes and come in to give them a test ride!

Timberjack XT 29 - $500 off!



Check it Out: Cannondale's Cargowagen Neo!

Electric bikes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and the Cargowagen from Cannondale is the perfect shape for getting you out on the road with function and style. Cargowagen has a carrying capacity of 400 pounds! That means a very capable bike for running errands, riding around with your little ones, and much more than you may have imagined a bicycle to be capable of.

Stop by for a test ride, or take one out for a longer demo to really get a feel!

Charge Your Adventure:
Salsa Confluence Now In-Store!

Salsa Cycles has unleashed their first ebike, and we are excited to have the Confluence available at the shop! Pay us a visit to give it a spin, or take it for a rental and see what adventures that it can take you on!

Beat the HEAT with Osprey Hydration Packs!

Katari / Kitsuma 7 Liter Pack

Raptor / Raven 14 Liter Pack

That's it for this round of updates, thanks for keeping up with us!