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About EaDo Bike Co

Have Saddle - Will Ride

We’re a full-service bike shop in East Downtown Houston offering repairs, new and used bikes, and quality bike rentals at the head of the Columbia Tap Trail.

We cater to cyclists who want to ride more, regardless of style or experience. Our motto at EaDo Bike Co is “The best bike is the bike you ride” and we fu*#@ng mean it! Whether you’re looking for a new bike or putting new life into an old favorite, we’re here to help keep you in the saddle.

We’re more than just a business – we’re stewards of the thriving urban cycling community. Cultivating relationships with local people, places, and organizations is what keeps Houston’s small-town vibe going strong in our sprawling metropolis. We’re stoked to be a part of it and we hope you’ll join us on our mission.

‘See you out there!