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How-To Videos

We know a little bit about bikes, here we will post videos that we make to help you become a better rider!

Keep an eye out for our in-person maintenance clinics!


Most Recent - Bike Washing:


"How often should I wash my bicycle?

Bikes that are clean and free of dirt/debris will operate better than bikes that are dirty. With that being said, you don't have to clean your bike every time it gets mud on it. Keep an eye on it - at the very least make sure that your drivetrain (chain, cassette, derailleur, etc) is clear of dirt/debris and you should be good to go! If you want to clean your bike after every time it gets dirty, your bike will look and feel all the better! 

"Can I pressure wash my bicycle?"

No!!  High-pressure water has the ability to damage the components on your bicycle! Muc-Off does have a special bike-specific pressure washing machine, but outside of that... Bad idea!  When using a water hose to wash, do not spray your water on the same plane as the frame. Instead, direct your water at an angle. Also,  pay close attention to not spray the headset or bottom bracket area. 

 "Is it safe to wash my handlebar tape?

Your results may vary depending on the material of your tape, but generally, it is pretty easy to clean them.  A good note is to be mindful of how much force you use to scrub, as that could move the wrapping. 

"What should I do after I wash my bike?

Dry it! After that, be sure to lube your chain, derailleur, and (if needed) brake pivots. There are also products available that can give your bike frame a nice shine as well as protect your paint job!



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