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Bike Rentals


In an effort to better serve the needs and safety of our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are limiting all of our rental availability to 24-hour day rates and long term rates.  Please make a reservation online as we are currently not accepting "walk-ins" for rentals.  All rentals must be reserved 24-hours prior to pickup.

Single-Speed / Hybrid 
Recreational HybridAll-Terrain
$25 / Day ($50 / Security Deposit)$35 / Day ($100 / Security Deposit)
$45 / Day ($100 / Security Deposit)
$100 / Week ($100 / Security Deposit)$175 / Week ($200 / Security Deposit)
$200 / Week ($250 / Security Deposit)
$250 / Month ($100 / Security Deposit)$400 / Month ($200 / Security Deposit)
$500 / Month ($250 / Security Deposit)

Reserve Your Bike Online

We encourage advanced online reservations as is the best way to ensure that we have a bike ready for you in the correct size and style as soon as you arrive at the store. Please use our reservation system below to book your bike ahead of time to guarantee its availability.