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Party and Win: For a Good Cause

In June 2020, EaDo Bike Co decided to use our platform to raise money for local organizations that do good for the community.

Our "Party and Win Karaoke Club Strava Campaign," as the name implies, uses Strava to log the miles of our club members which are translated to per mile donations on the shop's behalf. Join our Strava club to join in on the fun!

July 2020

Southern Smoke - $1,095

Southern Smoke, is a Houston-based nonprofit that provides direct assistance to members of the service, food, and beverage industries that are facing financial hardships. Their efforts have generated and distributed over $4.3 million since 2015.

Our donation cap (based on the amount of miles logged in our Strava Club) was $750, and it is thanks to the following donors that we reached the figure that we did:

Andrea Albright
Dean Atkinson
Eric Garza
Gisele Calderon
Isaac Muniz
Jeremy Lovelace
Michelle Vasquez
Peter Molick
and one anonymous donor.

June 2020

Workshop Houston - $750

Workshop Houston started in 2003 as a community bike shop. Today they offer youth development programs that support underserved students in their academics, as well as also provides classes that teach music production, computer programming, robotics, fashion, and graphic design. Their efforts have given thousands of young people the tools to break the cycle of poverty by presenting the opportunity to learn technical skills while fostering their creativity.

Tour de Hood - $750

Tour De Hood started in 2003 and is the passion project of Dr. Veon McReynolds. He promotes mental and physical health via bike rides around the city, kayaking tours through Buffalo Bayou, and camping trips all over the state of Texas. These activities get people moving, enjoying nature, and strengthening a love for life. The organization operates solely through donations, despite providing all supplies to the community for free. Tour de Hood is the greatest steward of bike ridership this side of the city of Houston, encouraging all to join their weekly rides and teaching bike maintenance at Third Ward Bike Shop, a project of Tour de Hood.